after banks, arms and universities, i sometimes wonder if cars cause politicians to make less economic decisions than any other sector - yet a lot has also happened in the last few years and i would love your editorial help in understanding economic and uneconomic decisions


here's my suggestion to hollande if he doesnt want peugeot to be a suicidal decision - turn aulnay into a thempark for car lovers the way volkswagen has at wolfsburg - a car lovers themepark/upmarket conference centre I also mean what a future of car science may look like - so ok if france is going to be expert in green cars , get all the parts of that prepared but dont going mass producing green cars before they sell- the trick is to stay in the game in the strategic future components of car-making (as well as wine and dine any cars opinion leader visting paris) and keep the service skills of a world engineering centre in cars but really peugeot just has too many bad timings going for it to throw unavailable public money after it into keeping the factory going as is

over in usa -the whole story of how eg GM revovered isnt being told very honestly - it seems that there are now 2 classes of workers - old men who get paid 5 times more than new worlers; now maybe that is the only way to trade with the unions (and i hope a heck of a lot of flexibility was traded); I am interested too by a recent book called car guys versus bean counters- at the end of the day if you dont get both quality and price right you can milk short-term ersults but you will end up revisiting bankruptcy -

america has lost the value proposition in so many industries that it is really quite amazing if cars are going to be a leader of recovering purposeful brand reality


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