tell us where people are changing health cares value chains

.Haiti is the original practice service area of one of the top 5 heroic medical networks. Better yet their co-founder was appointed as head of world bank at end of jne 2012 - can a practice leader bring more change than general economic theorists? (ed note over the years entrepreneurial revolutionaries in health are perhaps our greatest category of heroes but we havent yet found a way to celebrate them as more than their expertise parts: ideas anyone?


  • pioneering bottom-up healthcare networks in Bangladesh 1 2
  • founding trainer of grameen nursing college barbara parfitt -a partnership model with extraordinary economic impact for any supporter of girl effect
  • ,,, eva vertes most brilliant young cancer researcher ....
  • oly of nigeria flying doctors ; india's emergency ambulance system ; Riders for Health serves various healthcare emergency distribution needs in multiple African countries
  • Alexandria Graham aiming to help Africa become sufficient in manufactoring basic drugs ;
  • komesaroff world's number 1 medic of global reconciliation and Australia's epicentre of youth volunteer nets....
  • eyecare - aravind end needless blindness franchise india; replicate to Bangladesh by Yunus pop group funders ; visionspring eyeglasses (read a million served in 6 years by Paul Polak)
  • Sanitation and waste - Jack Sim of world toilel leads sanitation knowledge networks for the poorest; Albina Ruiz started waste management for health in Peru and her consultancy now works in many countries to connect waste pickers and healthy cities
  • Heallh leads is an interesting model being tested in usa for linking in medical student aliumni to social and not just pharma or surgical solutions
     Grameen Scotland's Favorites

News from the Yunus Partners in End Nurseless Villages pioneered by Nike Girl Effect , Glasgow Caledonian and village girls

march 2011 princess anne caps first class of Grameen Girl nurses

April Glasgow team lead celebrations starting  World Healthcare Congress - extremely affordable teams

Glasgow Cal partners form the firstsocial business chair of wellbeingand microfinance


..Maternal/infants Healthcare $1000 mobile ultrasounds - experiment GE/Yunus India


  • shumātā  is an ante-natal care monitoring and tracking software for pregnant women
  • dolnā is a vaccine scheduling and tracking software for infants

Grameen Danone is a highly affordable yogurt in Bangladesh that provides nutrients for infants at risk to incomplete diet during first 1000 days; in China Grameen has converted this ida into a nutritional cereal bar - one of its projects in the social business fund which include water founntains and milk businesses serving poorest-valid international has a particular focus on community nuturition services for infants

BASF Grameen is a partnership manufacturing malaria nets in Bangladesh; BASF has also helped with micronutrients and Yunus hopes in may take the lead in establishing a patent pool for social business

Water for People aims to help end water poverty in 10 developing countries out of its Denver HQ - it shares knowledge on how to match specific water problems and solution. Water solutions are one of the main focal areas of French parnbers of Muhammad Yunus with and Naandi(one of the social busineses of the Danone Communites fund) a particulary economically efficient model for getting local authorities in India involed with water fountains. Biogas ovens - a major clean energy initiative of yunus and others also have great health impacts - the traditional alternative of kerosene stoves causs lung diseases of women and children

Health's World Congress hosts a poster session on extremely affordable solutions - healthcare companies who might want to partner Yunus in an extremely affordable experiment may also contact vidar jorgensen host of world congress and

Research with extraordinary potential includes MIT affective computing

Economic models of employing people with special needs : the specialists (Downes) ; Dialogues in Dark (blind) (Ireland's business case network for disabled)

Uneconomic models (please help public sector journalists improve their analysis) : Remploy- a wasteful uk model

tech experiments in affordable us healthcare: 

  • Project ECHO™  Out of New Mexico, (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is to develop the capacity to safely and effectively treat chronic, common, and complex diseases in rural and underserved areas,

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