value chain financial services including banks

-see value chain of economics

if the net generation is to collaborate around the millennium goal of ending poverty then we are going to need a model of community banking that helps people invest in their productive abilities and does not ever trap them in debt of conspicuous consumption - for that reason every child's introduction to economics could best begin with case studies of (investment) banks for the poor that the new nation of bangladesh innovated during its first 40 years

for banks that get this idea- see the banks with values network

Global Alliance – For Banking on Values

Independent banks delivering sustainable development for unserved people.

for how peopels can help government chnage over from wrong kind of banks - the one off opportunity is:-


number 1 change mobile cash - see mit innovations 4th quarter issue 2011 - notes to come

for those who want to do revolutions with smart cards - watch and its e-plate

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